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    Computer Cleanup

    If your computer is running slow, freezing up, or giving you disk space errors, a cleanup may be in order. Junk files and bloatware slow things down a lot. Adware, malware or viruses may even be infecting your computer.

    No matter how careful you are, malware can often slip on to your computer unnoticed while online. Sometimes, it can happen while you aren’t looking. Viruses can infect your computer very easily by visiting the wrong webpage, even typing one wrong letter in the URL. Just scrolling past harmless looking advertisements on an otherwise safe page can be a virus in disguise. Malware can piggyback on a completely legitimate and necessary software update. Many free programs have extras, and sometimes installers don’t mention those “extra” programs, which end up causing lots of problems.

    If you think your computer is slow, give us a call; we can definitely help.

    *** Please note that while Cold Snap Technology does everything we can to keep all of your data intact, we can’t always restore data that has already been lost. If you lose files and pictures due to malware or viruses that are on your computer or by hard drive failure, they may be lost for good unless you have a backup. You should always make frequent backups of your data, especially when everything is going well. The headache and costs involved in a massive data recovery attempt can be overwhelming. Data recovery can easily cost $250-$750 just to get started, and may not recover everything. You could be facing partial or total data loss if there is no backup at all. Constantly making backups manually can be a hassle, so we have automated backup services available, contact us if you are interested. ***