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Computer Cleanup

If your computer is freezing up, having BSOD (Blue Screen of Death), running slow, or a number of issues, then you could probably use a cleanup. Your computer may be infected with adware/malware or even viruses.  

How is this possible, I’m careful with what I do. Your computer can become infected with these things very easily by visiting the wrong website, clicking the wrong button (such as an advertisement or something), or it could have been downloaded with a download you did. Many free programs out there are free as they have other programs that come along with them, and sometimes those “extra” programs are not very nice. 

If you think your computer has been infected, we can definitely help you get your computer cleaned up.  You can either bring your computer to us, or you can mail it to us and we will mail it back.  

*** Please note that while Cold Snap Technology does everything we can to keep all of your data intact, we do not guarantee this. There is always the chance that a data loss could happen, but this is very rare. Normally, if a data loss or corruption happens, it is usually caused by the malware or viruses that are on your computer. You should always make backups of your data before sending or bringing us your machines.  If you are interested in backup services, we offer those as well. ***

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