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    Screen broken or cracked? Call us at 218-744-1210  We fix broken screens on many devices.

    Before we can give you an estimate, we need to see the laptop, tablet, or phone first. Many have different screens for the same model name, so bring your device so we can ensure the correct replacement part. You can take your device with you if the replacement part will take a while. Once we have that info, we’ll find the right part(s) and price and let you know the estimated cost to replace or repair the broken screen. 

    Costs vary but are usually between $100-$400 depending on the device. Due to the wide variety of different screens, we may need to order replacement parts. Some “quick fix” repair shops limit the models they will service. We custom order original manufacturer parts for all models of devices whenever available. Our mindset is quality over quantity. 

    Our turn around on screen replacement is about 4-5  working days if we have to order the replacement for your broken screen, or same day service if we have it in stock. 

    • We can fix broken screens for most laptops, All-in-one computers, iMacs, tablets, and mobile phones.