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Has your computer screen broken or cracked? If it has, give us a call at 218-744-1210 and we can help with screen replacement. Before we can give you an estimate, we may need to see the laptop first so we can be sure to get the correct screen. Many models have more than one screen associated with them. The average total cost of parts and labor (in most cases) is around $150-$200.

The way we usually go about our screen replacements is to have you bring your computer in, so we can ensure the exact model of the laptop and the correct screen numbers. Once we have that info, we’ll find the right part(s) and price and let you¬†know the estimated cost of screen repair/screen replacement.

  • We can fix most PC laptop & MacBook screens.
  • We currently do not repair mobile device screens, but we can send them off to the vendor we use for this service via mail.
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