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So you have a website, or are thinking about building a website. Well, be sure to think about mobile devices along with your desktop devices. There are so many different sizes out there for screens now. Any websites we have developed starting from early 2016 until the present have had mobile website versions developed as well.  We have even mobilized a few of our older websites for our customers as well.  What happens is depending on the size of the screen the content/layout adapts to the screen and allows them to be readable.

Mobile devices make up between 30-50% of the traffic on average, depending on the site and what information it contains. You definitely want your visitors to be able to view their website on any device, otherwise they’re likely to leave your site and find the information elsewhere. 

When we make our mobile sites, we develop for multiple sizes…desktop, tablet and phones. Nearly every device on which you view our new sites should display attractive, readable content. We also make sure they are mobile friendly using Google’s mobile testing utility. Google now penalizes sites that are not mobile friendly in their search algorithms, so it is important to make sure your site is mobile friendly to continue to rank competitively in Google search.

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