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    Once upon a time a website was just something you used from a computer, but things have been changing. Having a mobile version of your website was a secondary concern, and sometimes a completely different website from the same site. Smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices, are now more commonly used for viewing web sites than desktop and laptop computers combined. If you already have a website or are thinking about getting a website, be sure to think about mobile devices, not just traditional computers. With so many different screen sizes and levels of compatibility, making a site usable for your target audience can get complicated and some of the issues are tough to discover, and require quite technical solutions. Since 2016 Cold Snap Technology has been putting mobile device compatibility in the forefront.  Not only new websites can be made mobile-friendly. We can “mobilize” older websites for our customers, too.  One of the main concerns is that the size of the text is automatically responsive to the size of the screen, so people can read your site no matter what device they are using.

    Mobile devices make up between over 50% of the traffic on the web, so you definitely want your visitors to be able to view their website on any device, otherwise they’re likely to leave your site and find the information, product, or services elsewhere.

    When we make our mobile sites, we develop for multiple sizes…desktop, tablet and phones. We design web sites to display attractive, readable content for a wide range of devices. We also make sure they are mobile friendly using Google’s mobile testing utility. Google does take into account whether your website is mobile-friendly, and penalizes sites that are not mobile friendly by putting them further down in the search results. It is important to make sure your site is mobile friendly to continue to rank competitively in Google search.

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