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Is your computer running slow, do you have a virus? Well we can definitely help you with these computer repair services. We can remove viruses, fix hardware issues and much more. Not sure it’s worth fixing your computer? We can usually give you a good idea if it is worth fixing your computer or purchasing a new one. We do everything we can to protect your data from any loss.

We can do factory installs, and install all the software you have valid licensing and product keys for. It is much easier if you have the original software, but we can usually find a download as well.

We remove viruses, fix/replace hardware on machines that have faulty hardware, install validly licensed software, install antivirus software, fix laptop screens, sell computers and computer accessories, and much more.

We can help fix your machine in one of three ways: 

  1. In-Shop Service: You can bring your computer to us at our office located at 410 Jones St, Eveleth, MN 55734
  2. Remote Service: We can fix your machine remotely – as long as you are connected to the internet and the computer is usable.
    1. You will need to call us, and then we can walk you through getting connected to our computer.
    2. As long as there is a solid internet connection and your computer doesn’t go offline for a prolonged period of time, we can fix it remotely.
  3. Pickup / Deliver Service: We offer pickup and delivery if you are within 30 miles of our office (there is a small fee for this).
  4. On-Site service: If you live close enough to our location, we can come to your location to fix your computer as well. 

What are some reasons you may need computer repair:

  1. Your computer is slower than normal
  2. Unable to connect to the internet with this device, but the other devices you own all connect just fine
  3. Popup advertisements on the computer
  4. Noises, such as beeping or grinding type noises
  5. Error messages keep popping up

When I bring my computer in, what should we bring:

  1. Laptops
    1. Laptop (of course)
    2. Power Cord
  2. Desktops
    1. Normally just the tower (desktop)
    2. If the power cord is not the standard power cord, please bring this with as well.


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