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    Your complete web design needs

    We build professional, custom-designed websites, from simple single-page brochure sites to online storefronts to more complex web applications, using current HTML5 and CSS3 standards. Depending on your needs, and your budget, we can work with you throughout the design and implementation phases to ensure you have an attractive well-built online presence that solves your particular business requirements. We are experts in HTML/CSS/Javascript, PHP, WordPress, and the WooCommerce and  e-commerce software platforms. We’re very flexible and would be glad to speak with you about your goals. Give us a call or send us a message!

    Why does my business need a website?

    Your website is a way for everyone to find your business, get information about your business and generate more income. It is also an inexpensive form of advertising and a method for your customers to find the basics like your products or services, hours of operation, and contact information. If you are already using social media like facebook and twitter, or listing services like yelp, manta or a phone book based listing, an actual website can be your main hub to get all those parts working together.


    Match Competitors




    Generate Income


    Provide Information

    Web design

    Web design is the process of creating websites. Involved in this process is the planning stages, gathering of information, creating a layout for the site, organizing of the content, and the actual data entry. Web hosting is the service that stores and serves up these files from our web servers. A web browser is the software or app that people to see your website. Web design is an essential part of interacting with your customers online. Potential customers are more likely to stick around and find what they want from you when your site is visually appealing, usable across many different devices and has a good menu structure.

    Search Engine Optimization

    A basic SEO service is included in all new websites, which includes setting up and maintaining Google Analytics data gathering and reporting, installation of search engine optimization software in your site’s administrative dashboard, and free secure SSL certification (with our hosting plans.) and continued consultation on the use of provided SEO tools and best practices is also available with our ongoing web maintenance plans. Give us a call or send us a message for more information about additional SEO services.

    Search engine optimization is a service which tries to improve the rankings of your website on the search engines. A couple of things that will help improve your rankings is to be sure that your website’s HTML code validates properly according to the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium). When the HTML validates, your site is most strictly compatible with current browsers. Another hint is to target certain keywords on certain pages.

    Ongoing Web Maintenance

    Once you get your site launched, keeping up with fresh content is critical for getting new visitors to your site, and getting people to come back to see what’s new. You can always come to us whenever you have something new to add or need something changed, but we also have some plans to keep things on track. If your site handles sales directly online, weekly or daily updates to your inventory will be in order, and we’ll work with you to automate the process as much as possible. With our ongoing web maintenance plans we will check with you periodically to check for changes or new information to post. A base amount of content update, consultation, website maintenance or development is included with each plan. After that our normal hourly rate is in effect. We can customize a plan to your specific needs, but here’s some of our most common plans:

    Plan/Package Included service Price
    Ongoing Web Maintenance Monthly Plan
    Up to one hour of service $50.00/month
    Ongoing Web Maintenance Monthly Package
    Up to two hours of service
    Annual Hosting and Domain Registration for your site are included with this plan.
    Ongoing Web Maintenance Quarterly Plan
    Up to three hours of service $180.00/quarter
    Ongoing Web Maintenance Quarterly Package
    Up to four hours of service
    Annual Hosting and Domain Registration for your site are included with this plan.