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    Virus Removal

    If you have a virus, give us a call. We can help remove the virus either remotely, on-site or in-shop. In most cases, we would rather have the computer in the shop so we can run more in depth scans on it and make sure the virus has been removed completely. We run a variety of scans using a variety of scanners, and each of them may take a couple of hours to finish – depending on the speed of your computer and/or the size of its hard drive.

    When you have a virus, others may jump straight to reinstalling the computer without even trying to remove the virus. But, we want to try to remove the virus first before we bring up the re-installation option. Everyone has their computer set up just the way they like things. If we don’t have to, we don’t want you to have to spend additional time re-organizing things and setting it up again. Most times we are able to remove the virus and save the data… of course this all depends on the nature of the virus you have.

    Virus Protection Service Package

    ESET Antivirus is our recommended antivirus software. We have had very good luck with ESET, it doesn’t slow down computers as much as many others, and it’s reasonably priced. If you purchase ESET through Cold Snap Technology, we will include an annual security review of your device(s), either at renewal time, or you can request to hold the review for later in case you run into something sketchy and want us to make sure you are still protected.

    The only 100% perfect antivirus solution, is to never turn on your computer, but ESET gets pretty close, and a manual review now and then always helps. New viruses are always cropping up, and it is difficult to protect against viruses that do not yet exist. However, ESET is a solid solution with a good track record of detecting viruses as they emerge. We can offer lower rates per computer if you have multiple computers to protect. If you have more than 3 devices, give us a call, send a text message, or email using the form on this page, and we can get you a quote for the number of devices needed.

    Once you receive your license key, you can install the software yourself or one of our experienced techs can guide you through the process remotely for a small fee. ($15 set up fee per device only applies the first time, and does not apply to regular annual renewals.)

    Number of Devices Annual Fee Per Device
    1 $75 $75
    2 $100 $50
    3 $120 $40

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