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    Are you getting a new computer, or do you just want your data transferred to another device? Do you just want a copy of your data transferred to a flash drive or external hard drive? This is something we can do for you. you can either provide both the source media and the destination media, or you may purchase the destination media from us. We have external hard drives, multiple flash drive sizes all available at our store.

    If the hard drive is in working order, we can get the data and keep the original file structure as your current hard drive. This way it will be easy for you to find the files you would like. 

    Some features:

    • We keep file structures the same
    • We can backup the entire hard drive, or just the most common places for user data
      • We will not go through and pick specific files, we will only grab entire folders
    • We can copy your data to most any media you would like such as flash drives, external hard drives, other internal hard drives or even DVD’s.
      • There may be additional charges for burning DVD’s, depending on how much data you have to be burned

    Misc Notes

    • We are not responsible for data on failing hard drives
    • We do everything we can to make sure there is no data loss, but we are not responsible for any.
      • At this point we have never lost anyone’s data
    • You can mail us your hard drive and we can do a data transfer for you as well.