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Files are chosen for backup we save them into the cloud. It’s called CST Cloud.  This offsite backup service is HIPAA compliant and secure.

If you would like additional security you can encrypt your stored data as well. CAUTION: The only way you would then be able to restore your data is to know the key you chose for encryption – there is no way to recover files from a forgotten key.

Our backup service has no single point of failure. Since we use redundant servers, an interruption of a server won’t keep you from your data.

CST Cloud is great for backing up your work or personal documents and important records.  We have been providing off-site back services for several years, and it has prevented loss of files due to computer crashes and viruses time and time again. It’s very stable and a suitable platform for data loss prevention. 

Features Included:

  • Scheduled timed backups
  • File Based Backup
  • Off-site backup
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Encrypted (when wanted)
  • Self Managed
  • No contract, just need 30 day notice prior to cancellation
  • Reporting of how many files were added or updated after the scheduled run time

Rates for CST Cloud (without other service package)

5GB 10GB 15GB 25G 50GB
$5/month $9/month $13/month $21/month $41/month

(With our managed service plans we offer packages with reduced rates for data backup.)

Here is a guideline to determine how much storage space you need: Start with the total storage of your important files, add 10% space for new files, and multiply that by the number of old versions you want to roll back. Let’s say you have 3GB of data you want backed up, and you would like 3 revisions. Adding 10%, 3GB + 0.3GB = 3.3GB, then multiply by 3 revisions 3.3GB * 3 = 9.9GB total backup space. A 10GB plan will hold all your important files and makes sure to allow enough extra storage for when your files are growing.

As your file usage grows, we recommend keeping 25-50% additional space to be safe. If you see you are getting close to your limit, then give us a call or send us an email asking for more storage. We also keep an eye on this and upgrade your backup plan as the usage gets close to the limit. 

If you need backup service, please fill out the following form and someone will get back to you with the next step of installation and to get your billing information.

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