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    There are many reasons you may experience temporary interruptions in your email, and most of them depend on your ISP, (Internet Service Provider, i.e. the company that provides the internet connection to your location.) Some ISP’s block the normal email sending port number 25 (SMTP), so we also offer the use of port 26. Another way to try to get you mail sending through your domain name is to turn on outgoing authentication using the email program on your computer. Sometimes you have no other option, but to use your ISP’s SMTP server directly to send mail.

    If you use your ISP’s SMTP server and some or all of your email is getting bounced back to you as undeliverable, please let us know, specifically, if the error mentions SPF.

    If you are having trouble sending email from an email address that you have set up though Cold Snap Technology (or Northern Visual Services,) the following pages can guide you through some potential solutions.

      Enabling Outgoing Authentication
      Using your ISP’s SMTP server