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    CST Remote Managed Service

      Benefits of our proactive remote managed services

    • Peace of Mind:
      You can relax and rest assured that our IT experts are working on your network and making sure things are running smoothly all the time.
    • Transparency:
      Have a CIO level view of your network. Reports are given to you monthly to keep you informed.
    • Increased Productivity:
      By avoiding the preventable issues and fixing issues faster, your employees will no longer be able to blame IT for their time being wasting.
    • Cost Savings:
      By avoiding issues and speeding up recovery we will reduce the total cost of owning your network.
    • Issue Avoidance:
      By monitoring your network and performing routine maintenance regularly, we can ensure that issues are identified and avoided wherever possible.


    Fixing technology issues and downtime is more expensive than preventing them up front. CST’s proactive solution is designed to save you money and remove technology headaches through proper systems management.
    We will use a combination of monitoring and maintenance best practices to ensure that your network is running smoothly. Any issues that could have been avoided will be prevented, and any issues that could not be prevented will be fixed faster than ever!

    Prices vary as we will custom tailor a service package to the needs of your home or business.