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    Services Provided

    Website, hosting, repair and other computer services provided by Cold Snap Technology.

    • Web Maintenance
    • Brochure website
    • Web design
    • Web hosting
    • Web Programming
    • Website Hosting
    • E-Commerce
    • Data entry
    • Database Programming
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Computer Repair 
    • Apple Repair
    • Computer sales (and parts)
    • Screen replacement (tablets,laptops,phones)

    Search Engine Optimization

    We create websites that are search engine friendly initially so search engines can find your site. However, to get the best ranking, a website really needs to have SEO constantly being updated. Our SEO service involves placing appropriate keywords and verifying proper markup for the content of your site with the goal of improving your site’s rankings in search engines. Quarterly we charge $250 for this service. Note: We cannot guarantee specific rankings in search results.

    Website Statistics

    If you would like to view your website stats – how many visitors go to your website – we will provide you a link which will allow you to view how many people have visited your site and how they found you. There is a monthly fee of $10.

    Ranking Reports

    If you would like to receive via email a monthly report showing how your site ranks in the search engine, this service is excellent. We will run the report early each month on your current keywords to see how your site ranks with search engines. There is a monthly fee of $10 for these reports.

    Managed Archive Program

    If you want the security of knowing your entire website is being periodically copied to an offline archive, MAP is what you need. Prices for MAP depend on the file size of your website. Typical monthly rates range from $10 for most sites to $50 per month for larger sites. Annual rates are also available.

    Content Management System (CMS)

    If you are interested in editing your website on your own, you can subscribe to our Content Management System (CMS) to post your own updates. With the CMS, you are allowed to update the text and images of your site at any time. We will provide you with a set of access codes to allow you into the site for updating. If you do not want this ability, we can update your site for you at our current hourly rate. If you are interested in this service, please take a look at the pricing section.

    Google AdWords

    Google AdWords is a service we provide to clients who want to increase the number of people visiting their website. The amount you invest is entirely up to you, but we require a minimum of $200 to use this service. You can invest as much as you like, but I would suggest starting with $500-$1000 initially to see how well it works for you. How this works is we will place bids on links on pages for Search Engines Results and if your site is a similar site to the searched term you will have an ad placed on the search engine page.

    Web Maintenance, Option 1: Pay as you go

    Building a site and getting it hosted is a good start, but keeping information up to date and adding new content is an important part of maintaining your web presence. Minimum fee per update is half of the current hourly maintenance rate. You can see our current rates on our pricing page

    Web Maintenance, Option 2: Pre-paid maintenance plans

    If you don’t want to pay each time you want changes made, we offer plans that allow you to pre-pay for changes you want made in the future. The most common plan we have is our 6-month pre-paid plan. Using this plan, you will have a certain number of hours of work credit available. The work credit will last six months from the date the site is launched or the agreed upon date. We will also have monthly maintenance plans available soon. For pricing of these maintenance plans, please see the pricing page