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The following are approximate pricing structures used by Cold Snap Technology for most of the services provided.

Hosting & Domain Names

If you have your own domain name, we can host your website for you. If you want us to register a domain name for you we can do that as well. Or we can set up both with our hosting & domain package deals.

Hosting: $180/year or $20/month
Domain Name: $20/year (for sites not hosted with CST)
Hosting and Domain Package: $195/year
If you need an SSL certificate for your site, we can provide the certificate you need for secure encryption: SSL Certificate: $187.50/year

Installment Plans

If you prefer to pay in multiple payments, we have installment plans available. We are willing to accept payment for your website design or redesign for up to 12 months without installment fees or any additional interest. If full payment is received within 15 days after completion of your website project, you will receive a 5% discount off of the entire project price.

Installment plans are only available for new sites, redesigns, and rebuilds of websites of at least $500 in value, with minimum payments of at least $50 per month. If you have questions, please let us know as we will work with you and do our best at making this a success for you and us.

Website Maintenance

Pay as you go: $80 per hour for web maintenance. If you don’t have a pre-paid maintenance plan, then there is a minimum fee of $40 per update however small it may be, as each update has a half hour minimum fee.
6 month Pre-paid Maintenance Plan: $1000 for up to 1 hours of updates in a six month period.

Search Engine Optimization

$250 quarterly is the most common arrangement involving 2 hours/month of manual optimization. However the more time you want spent optimizing your site the better your results should be.

Computer Repair – within 30 miles of Eveleth, MN

All computer repair services have a minimum $60 bench fee includes up to 1.5 hours of labor. Prices over $60 below include the bench fee. These are rates for service performed in our shop. Additional fees apply for house calls or other on-site services.

Servicing- $30/hour (plus parts)
Virus Removal- $80-$150
Re-install Operating system back to factory installation- Windows Vista or Windows 7: $120
Re-install Windows XP: $150 (Since Microsoft has phased out XP, making necessary resources more difficult to access, we are being forced to charge more for this aging product)

  • Includes running all windows updates
  • You must have the original CD’s and product key
  • If you do not have a product key/license for your operating system, they are available for purchase, inquire for details.
  • At your request, we will also install AVG Antivirus and CCleaner for no additional fee.

Hardware replacement/installation: Bench Fee + cost of hardware

Brochure Pages (coming soon)

Brochure Page Setup $30 – includes 2 images and up to 750 words. Setup fees for brochure pages will be waived for any new brochure pages signing up before 2013! (This limited time offer my be discontinued at any time.) Brochure Page Hosting $10/month or $100/year

A brochure page is a single page website. Choose from a few basic templates, provide some information about your company, and we can get your Brochure Page online. You will then receive a url where you can tell people to go and view it. This is the least expensive form of advertising on the web that CST offers.

Sub-contracting Services

If you are a webdesign company who is looking for a sub-contracting service for programming interactive website, we might be your solution. We work primarily with PHP & MYSQL, but can program in many other languages as well. We offer custom programming services at a discount to other businesses. Also, we provide nearly every project an estimate before work begins so you know what the maximum cost will be. If your business is interested, please call Dustin at (218) 742-2616 or email him at


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